Can’t beat those chocolate chip cookies

Going to Grandma’s house, for me, always brings visions of chocolate chip cookies. We were barely in the door when Grandma Murray, sill wearing her apron, scampered from the stove to the kitchen table with warm chocolate cookies. Chocolate chip cookies: perhaps there isn’t a better welcoming gift. Grandma Murray may have started something. Because, almost five decades after I ate my fist cookie at Grandma Murray’s house, DoubleTree by Hilton still hands out chocolate chip cookies to guests when they check in.

Think about it. After a day of travel, in and out of airports, waiting, crowded aircrafts, long line-ups to get luggage (if, of course it’s there), riding on a cab, and then, finally arriving at the hotel, you very well could be physically and mentally exhausted. The last thing you want to do could be filling out a hotel registration card, right? And there it is — a chocolate chip cookie. You look at your new surroundings, taking mental notes of where the restaurant is, directions to the work-out room, and the quickest way to get the place where they serve your favourite beverage. All the while, you’re munching on a chocolate chip cookie, hoping the next bite will be just a little better than the last one.

Then, you feel better. You feel welcome. Filling out the registration card becomes almost joyful. Funny how a little shot of sugar does wonders. And that’s what the folks at DoubleTree Hilton are celebrating Thursday: it’s Chocolate Chip Cookie Day. It’s the first in Edmonton since the DoubleTree By Hilton West Edmonton took over the Mayfield Inn earlier this year. But DoubleTree has been baking cookies since the early 1980’s. To date, 3 million cookies have been handed out by DoubleTree throughout their 360 worldwide locations.

DoubleTree general manager Grant McCurdy

DoubleTree general manager Grant McCurdy

“The Chocolate Chip has always been my favorite cookie since childhood, the DoubleTree cookie however I think has become my all-time favorite Chocolate Chip cookie,” says Grant.

“The Cookie combines a warm welcome, a piece of Home and a simple pleasure — all focal points of our Brand positioning. We present it at the beginning of every stay as a gift, to comfort our guests after the stresses of travel and begin their restful stay with us.Preparing and presenting The Cookie is something very special at DoubleTree by Hilton West Edmonton.”

But here’s the number that’s really special: 1.25 million cookies have been handed out by DoubleTree to folks who have made significant contributions. People like doctors, nurses, fire fighters, police officers and other heroes. Sometimes the smallest things can create the biggest smiles. Chocolate chip cookies? Absolutely. And, on Thursday, you don’t have to check in to the DoubleTree to enjoy a cookie. A DoubleTree street team will be handing out handing out the yummy chocolate chip cookies from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. in Sir Winston Churchill Square in Edmonton.


Grandma Murray would certainly approve of the compassion and hospitality a chocolate cookie brings.




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