Thursday, May 22 — A song for Andy

Andy Polanski

Andy Polanski

Children laughing.

That’s the sound I was hearing over and over again in my mind’s ear when I was writing my column for Thurday’s Edmonton Sun.

I heard the laughter get louder and louder. I heard children challenge each other, in a fun way, to try the monkey bars, the slide, the …

Andy Polanski is smiling.

Andy grew up in Fort Saskatchewan and had a soft spot for kids playing.

A little over a year ago, Andy met with City of Fort Saskatchewan officials to get the ball rolling for a new playground.

... young Andy

… young Andy

Andy’s meeting was in the morning. That afternoon, Andy was involved in a crash on the Manning Freeway when he was driving home. A few days later he passed away from his injuries at age 23.

But the Polanski family is keeping Andy’s dream alive to build a playground.

And, on Saturday, there’s a fundraiser — 11 hours, in fact — to raise money for the playground. It will coincide with a slo-pitch tournament Andy started three years ago.

I think it’s a great testament to Andy and his family for carrying out Andy’s dream.

I keep hearing the sound of children’s laughter when I think of Andy’s story.

And I also hear a song from the Cooper Brothers.










One thought on “Thursday, May 22 — A song for Andy

  1. Cam, your remark about laughter when you hear Andy’s story is spot on. Andy was always laughing…and had the ability to see the positive in things. He was always looking for ways to help people. This playground will be a testament of his giving nature and commitment to community

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