What’s the best way to make a point in 2014? (May 27, 2014)

This is all about you.

How do you a recent event staged by Artspace Co-Op Sunday: a mock funeral, with a coffin and flowers.

But before you make an informed decision you need some information.

The funeral was held to garner support and awareness for an on-going labour issue at Artspace involving people with disabilities.

Since May 7 personal care attendants have been on strike, demanding higher wages. Replacement workers have been brought to carry out the work.

Since 1990, residents with disabilties have pooled their home care funding to hire personal support services. Supports for Artspace Independent Living Inc. has administered funding from Alberta Health Services to run the program.

It’s a grass roots program. Artspace residents direct their own care.

And here is my question I have for you.They are worried they could lose their program, and, ultimately, their independent living because of the strike.

Their fear is a large for profit home care provider will be hired and their independence will be taken away.

Understandably, they want to tell their story and garner support from the public.

Please click here for an Edmonton Sun story.

And here is my question I have for you.




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