Friendly Friday – May 30 – Chapter 1

I was so excited about Friendly Friday on Thursday afternoon I wished my good friend Barth Bradley a happy birthday. “You’re three months early,” Barth said. Exactly. Because that’s what Friendly Friday is all about: paying it forward. buddy Barth

…my buddy Barth

Starting today, and every Friday, we’re going to be sharing the Friendly Friday concept on the Tait on 8 blog.

 The idea was started in 2011 by a women I call Faith. That isn’t her real name, you understand.

And I’m not going to tell her name. Because the truest form of giving, of philanthropy, is when it’s done anonymously.

I invite you to be part of Faith’s vision of Friendly Friday: be good to one another because, simply, it’s the right thing to do.

So … ask yourself:

•is there someone you see at your favorite breakfast spot/coffee shop/pizza joint/burger bar/gym/gas station/newspaper box/bus stop/(you fill in the blank) that you would like to do something for, just because of the way the smile at you?

•is there someone you know who is in the hospital, and you’ve been meaning to go visit, but there use hasn’t been enough hours in your day?

•is there someone who has been on your mind — someone who you haven’t seen or heard  from in a while?

•is there someone who, maybe, you think, you owe an apology?

It’s Friendly Friday. What a perfect time to take action!FFback If you do any of the above, please share it with me.

Send me a tweet, or email (links below.)

If you want to leave your  name, great. If not, that’s great, too.

Or, if you see a great act of kindness, please share that, too.

As the day progresses I’ll update the blog. So check back often and see Friendly Friday in action.

What a great way to start the weekend.

And, of yes: I’m having lunch with my buddy Barth today. I’m buying. Consider it an early birthday


Email:      Twitter @camtait

Column on Friendly Friday

Friendly Friday Facebook page


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