My friend, Dr. Bruce – (June 5, 2014)


Bruce Hogle was the perfect man to give the address to University of Alberta  graduates on Wednesday. Absolutely perfect.


…Bruce Hogle Wednesday

Graduating day is a time of looking to the future, and that’s exactly what Bruce has done all his career. He was honored by receiving an honorary doctoriate from the U of A for his vision and compassion with CFRN TV.

And with that comes the noble task of giving the commencement address.

It’s safe to say very few — if any — of the grads sitting in their gowns and hats in the Jubilee Auditorium had ever heard Bruce’s editorials on CFRN-TV,  now CTV Edmonton. Those of us mature enough to recall those editorials can recall how Bruce challenged his audience — the citizens of Edmonton — to think about different issues.

Bruce had a common thread, back in the 1960’s. He wanted to make things better.

And while he hasn’t been behind a news desk and microphone for decades,  Bruce, now 85, still challenges people to ask questions of themselves — and  then act.

On Wednesday he used words like “engage”, challenging his audience to interact with one another. And, he said, it was also important to do so with people around you who are positive thinkers.Bruce Hogle

Bruce said he thins it’s important for all schools to sing O’Canada at least once a week to remember Canadian soldiers who defended Canada years ago, and those who are in the military today.

Bruce always makes people think.

What a wonderful gift on graduation day.

He was surrounded by his family — in fact, today is a big day for the Hogle household: Bruce and his wife Gail celebrate 60 years of marriage. They  have three sons — Randy and Bill, who are both lawyers, and Steve who is the president of the Saskatoon Blades junior hockey club.

I’ve known the Hogles all my life. As a reporter I look back on what Bruce on the many things Bruce has done for the news business. He was the driving force to get television cameras in the Alberta legislature in the 1970’s, among other things.

But family came first. He often told me you can work the long hours, but the most important part of the day is sharing time with people who mean the most to you: your family.

Bruce Hogle has always been a mentor and a role model to me. I am thrilled on several levels: he got to share his message to tomorrow’s leaders — U of A grads — and that he has such a deserving degree as honorary doctoriate.

Which raises an interesting question for me. He has never let me call him Mr. Hogle.

“It’s Bruce,”  he always said.

I guess now it’s Dr. Bruce, perhaps?

Congratulations, my friend.bruceout


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