The Great Debate with Tait … and the sweetness of grandkids (June 30)


…our grandson Nicholas

 My grandson Nicholas politely excused himself from our table at the Mayfield Dinner Theatre Friday night.

“Be right back, Papa,” Nicholas said. “I’m going to get you one of everything.”

This was Nick’s first trip to the dinner theatre, where we saw actor Jamie Farr in The Last Romance — and Nic was intrigued with the buffet.

For those of you who have  experienced that buffet you could use one of those big trucks with a refrigeration unit to get “one of everything.”

Not Nic. He just made several trips from our table to the buffet to carry out his offer.

But he didn’t go for salad. Or pasta. Or vegetables. Or, even meat.

Nic knows his grandfather’s sweet tooth too well: he got me every dessert there was.

By the end of his delivery duties — which, by the way, I need to make absolute certain was not my request — our table had four plates and two bowls on it.

...Nic had lots to choose from

…Nic had lots to choose from

The Food Channel had nothing on what Nic brought me.

He brought six cookies, three little glasses full of creamy jello, a bowl of coconut cake, a brownie, a piece of chocolate cake, cheese cake, a butter square, and another nut square.

Then, just as the announcement came across telling the audience the buffet was closing in five minutes, Nick asked me another question.

“Do you want anything else, Papa?”

I politely said no thank you. But I almost asked him if there was a wheel barrow in the back to get me out of there.

Ah yes: the sweetness of grandchildren.


•Making my way out of the DoubleTree by Hilton where the Mayfield Dinner Theatre is joined at the hip, I could’t help but notice Brian and Chris Wilkes having a serious discussion at the bar.

The brothers grew up in the west end. In fact, Chris got married at the Mayfield Inn (remember that name?) in the 1980’s, and, if memory serves me correctly, I think we used those carts they use for housekeeping for races up and down hallways at the end of the evening.

....well, it was fun!

….well, it was fun!

But there was none of that Friday night. Just deep, deep discussions about the plight of the Cleveland Browns, Chris’ favorite NFL team.

My, how times have changed.


•Big win for the Edmonton Eskimo’s Saturday in Vancouver to start the  CFL season.

Very fine.

But does that mean, now,  the media can go in the dressing room on non-game days, like they have for the last 800 years?

The Eskimos introduced a new policy last week saying reporters can only enter the dressing room on game days.

...what would Wes think?

…what would Wes think?

I can just hear former Eskimo coach Jackie Parker and radio personality Wes Montgomery debate this one in heaven.


•Edmonton Sun columnist Graham Hicks and Rob Christie and Audie Lynds from Capital FM are hosting an edition of the Art of Conversation tonight — June 30 — at Telus Field, starting at 4:30 p.m. In the Home Plate Lounge.

Then, guests are invited to stay for the Edmonton Prospect game when the  Regina Red Sox square off.


…Rob and Audie

Rumours are circulating like knuckleballs that one R. Christie is chucking out the first pitch before the game.


•Congratulations to Liz O’Neill, Maureen Collins and Susan Green for being named Distinguished Citizens by MacEwan University.

All three women have made tremendous contributions to the local charitable sector.

Liz is executive director for Big Sisters and Big Brothers for the Edmonton Area; Maureen is executive director of the John Howard Society, and Susan was the first University of Alberta vice-president of external relations.

Congratulations, ladies!

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