The Great Debate with Tait: The Brick tourney, coach Hamilton, a poll on the Commonwealth Games, and Klinger’s 80th

Bill Comrie

Bill Comrie

When you think about it, it’s just so … Canadian.

Having the best nine and 10-year-olds drop their bicycles and skateboards in the first week of July to play hockey is one of the truest and meaningful celebrations of Canada there is.

The Brick Invitational Super Novice Hockey Tournament is once again taking part this week at the Ice Palace in West Edmonton Mall.

The hockey is stellar and entertaining.

But perhaps one of the greatest things about the tournament is the atmosphere the kids are in. It’s just like the pros: the music between stoppages of plays, the player introductions, and for the championship team, celebrating on the ice with the trophy in front of countless cheering fans.

For every player is on the championship team this year, they will work perhaps even harder to get another championship.

Because, we all know, winning is addictive, and it never, ever gets old.

For other players who don’t get to be crowned champions, there’s another appetite that’s created.

They will also work harder so they, too, can become champions.

Andy Wigston

Andy Wigston

There’s so many reasons why The Brick Tournament is special.

And you really have to wonder if, back in 1989 when Brick owner Bill Comrie and employees Craig Styles and Andy Wigston started the tournament, they had any idea what it would turn into.

Well done, gentlemen. Well done.

(Look for Tait on 8 in the Sunday Sun for a touching story about one of the players in last year’s Brick tournament)


Derek Laxdal

Derek Laxdal

Good for Derek Laxdal for getting an American Hockey League head coaching job with the Texas Stars.

So that leaves the big question:  who will replace Derek as Edmonton Oil King head coach?

It has to be Oil King assistant Steve Hamilton.

Has to be.

And here’s why — Oil King GM Randy Hansch told Bob Stauffer on 630 CHED’s Oilers Now Thursday a new coach will be named next week.

And do you thing Randy will be interviewing candidates on a sunny weekend when he could be sipping a few cool

Steve Hamilton

Steve Hamilton

ones at the lake?

Didn’t think so.

Steve Hamilton, head coach, Edmonton Oil Kings.

Get used to it.


September 2, 2015 is a few days away. 

07-01-commonwealthBut it could be a great day for our city.

That’s when the world finds out which city will host the 2022 Commonwealth Games, and Edmonton is putting a bid package together.

Those who were around town in 1978 will remember how magical it was when we held them for the first time.

And that brings us to today’s poll. Please have a look.


Jamie FarrActor Jamie Farr celebrated his 80th birthday a day early — June 30 — at Violino Ristorante with some of his long-time Edmonton friends.

And a few other special guests from the United States. Jamie’s wife of 51 years, Joy, flew in from southern California and two of his good friends from Kansas City.

Jenny Kachcar and her brother Richard, who met Jamie when he first came to Stage West in 1976, help organize the party.

Artist Rhonda Galper and others enjoyed great Italian food. And Jamie had some of his favorite Lebanese food brought in.

A highlight of the evening was when Jamie did an impromptu narration of a slide show, starting with his days growing up, being a soldier in the U.S. Army, one of his first movies with Sidney Portier, his time with Red Skelton, and, of course, MASH.

Jamie is currently in The Last Romance at the Mayfield Dinner Theatre.

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