July 9: Chapter II: Nobody asked me but …

Cam Tait

wash7.jpg  Every day on the way to work I drive down Whyte Ave. and see the northeast corner on Gateway Blvd.
And there’s a building the. A red brick building, in fact.

And it’s a washroom. Good idea, for a variety of reasons.

But let’s give the folks who need to pause for the cause a little privacy.

Because when you’re driving by there’s a big window, if I’m not mistaken — and, you can see right inside.

So let’s put it out there on a first poll. (We have another a little later.)

The Happy Couple....10 years, already! The Happy Couple….10 years, already!

•Back on the Mother’s Day weekend, Nicole Turenne shared a question with me, and I haven’t told anyone. But today I will. Nicole, the communications and marketing manager for the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation, said she and Corey Graham had been dating for 10 years. Nichole wondered if, maybe, one day Corey…

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