July 9: Chapter II: Nobody asked me but …


wash7.jpg  Every day on the way to work I drive down Whyte Ave. and see the northeast corner on Gateway Blvd.
And there’s a building the. A red brick building, in fact.

And it’s a washroom. Good idea, for a variety of reasons.

But let’s give the folks who need to pause for the cause a little privacy.

Because when you’re driving by there’s a big window, if I’m not mistaken — and, you can see right inside.

So let’s put it out there on a first poll. (We have another a little later.)




The Happy Couple....10 years, already!

The Happy Couple….10 years, already!

•Back on the Mother’s Day weekend, Nicole Turenne shared a question with me, and I haven’t told anyone. But today I will. Nicole, the communications and marketing manager for the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation, said she and Corey Graham had been dating for 10 years. Nichole wondered if, maybe, one day Corey might propose marriage. A Tuesday Facebook post was pure joy: Corey Nichole are engaged! It’s been quite a few months for Corey, play-by-play man on TSN 1260 who calls Edmonton Oil King games, including the big Memorial Cup win. See, Nicole: patience is a virtue.


•And speaking of patience — did you see the line-up on the Whitemud Freeway about 4:45 p.m. Tuesday, all the backed up all the way from the Rainbow Valley bridge, all the way 91 St. eastbound? That’s what a four-car pile-up will do during rush hour. If you were one of those folks, in a hot vehicle, and no air conditioning, send us a tweet or email and let us know how you survived.


Truc drivin' Norton

Truc drivin’ Norton

•My old buddy Ross Norton popped by for a visit Tuesday to talk Canadian Paraplegic Association, wheelchair basketball and all kinds of stuff. Ross saved the best for last, though. On his way out he asked if I would like to see his truck. Sure glad I did.

It was a green 1957 Chevy. Nice!





•The Angels Anonymous Connection is having a big fundraiser Saturday night at the Fantasyland Hotel. But, that’s all I’m going to tell you. All the details about the wonderful work Angels Anonymous does will be in the Tait on 8 column in Thursday’s Edmonton Sun.




•Big new six-year deal between the Edmonton Oilers and the Corus Entertainment. Sounds like another  good poll question so let’s fire that up.




1297519698495_ORIGINAL•City councilor Scott McKeen is sharing his time with Meals on Wheels Thursday and is challenging other citizens to do the same. Great cause. And Scott knows a few things about food: he wrote restaurant reviews a few years back in the Edmonton Journal. He’ll do a great job. If you want to get involved with Meals on Wheels, call 780-429-2020.



Share your good news, good works, celebrations — heck, even Uncle Elmer’s birthday party — with the Tait on 8 blog.













One thought on “July 9: Chapter II: Nobody asked me but …

  1. I voted no on the washroom poll, but I wanted to take the time to explain why.

    First off, we’re incredibly glad it’s there. Especially during the Artwalk. Nothing like hanging out in a tent all weekend at Iron Horse Park and having to search for a bathroom!

    So we have used the washrooms a lot.

    On the women’s side, the stalls are private. It’s only the sink area that is visible. On the men’s side, there are private stalls, plus the urinals, which are partially enclosed, plus the men’s washrooms are on the less visible side. A man using them has his back to the glass, so while it’s not exactly private, one would have to go out of their way to be see anything that shouldn’t be seen.

    There are a number of features that are there for a purpose, and while they are odd, they do what they are supposed to do. For example, the toilets have no lids and are stainless steel. A bit of a shock to sit on, but there’s nothing to break off and they’re easy to sanitize.

    The fishbowl effect is largely a matter of security. By having it open like that, there is far less chance of vandalism, or of attacks. I believe it was also to discourage people camping out, but I don’t know how good that is, since I’ve seen someone sleeping under the urinals ones. The high visibility also makes it less likely for improper use of the facilities; a problem with all public washrooms, I would say.

    It’s also incredibly hot. While glass has its greenhouse effect, brick would be much hotter.

    So while I understand your point about the visibility, having used them a fair bit, I would have to say that it’s good that they were built the way they are. I can tell a lot of thought and planning went into them.

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