Out of a daughter’s love to raise funds for parents’ burnt home

Burnt house4

For Chelsea Owerko, there is only one option: to help her parents.

What was supposed to be a lovely, romantic night turned into a disaster Sept. 18 for Chelsea’s mother and step dad, Dave and Denise Dyck.

Burnt house

Inside the trailer

Candles were burning, rose pedals were scattered and dinner was about to be served in the couple’s home — a 30-foot travel trailer in an RV park just outside of Gibbons.

Somehow, one of the candles tipped. It caught one of the trailer’s curtains and engulfed the trailer in flames.

Dave has a few health challenges, including  diabetes, heart problems, chronic pancreatitis and  high blood pressure. His condition has prevented him from being employed and he  hasn’t worked for the last four months.

When the fire broke out Dave was having trouble moving.

“My mom got step dad off the couch and basically dragged him out of the house,” says Chelsea.

The only things they escaped with were the clothes on their backs and the shoes on their feet.

Gone are family heirlooms and pictures. Dave’s guitars are gone. Family pictures.

Pretty much everything.

Dave and Denise are having insurance issues, and Chelsea says the outlook doesn’t look promising.

The couple has been staying in a hotel since the incident and bills are piling up.

Denise has also been on able to work because of health issues.

So Chelsea is trying to help.

She had established a Facebook page in hopes of raising funds for her parents.

“My parents took great care of me,” says Chelsea.

“So naturally being the daughter that I am, I do everything I can to help them whenever it is they need it.”

Chelsea’s site is http://gofundme.com/fd7zb4.


•Congratulations to Goodwill Industries for their brand new store in Sherwood Park —— 130 Athabascan Ave. at Cornerpoint Centre.

It was opened Saturday morning with Strathcona County mayor Roxanne Carr and other dignitaries on hand.

“Since July 2004, we have had a donation centre located in Sherwood Park and now we’re excited to expand our operation to a full retail store, as we partner with our generous donors to support area residents with disabilities to receive employment training and job placement,” said Dale Monaghan, President and CEO of Goodwill Industries of Alberta said in a press release.


•From the great moments department: Former Edmonton Eskimo quarterback Tom Wilkinson and current Esk QB Mike Reilly had a lengthy chat last week week at the 50th Eskimo fundraising dinner.

No doubt wisdom and some humorous stories were told when Mike pulled up a chair at Tom’s table..

For those of us who have been attending the green and gold dinner for a few decades we fondly remember the brilliant MC work of the late, great Wes Montgomery.

Organizers shared a some video of Wes in his hey day as the dinner’s MC.

“We have a new idea for people the dearly departed Eskimo fan — surround tapes of Bryan Hall in their coffin,” Wes said.

Bryan, of course is the long-time Eskimo play-by-play radio announcer who still works on the 630 CHED morning show with Bruce Bowie.

(Cam  Tait is the special projects advisor at Challenge Insurance)​


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