Nov. 17 – Tait’s 8: Eight things overheard in the Edmonton Eskimo dressing room after Sunday’s win

The Edmonton Eskimos beat the Saskatchewan Roughriders 18-10 Sunday to advance to the CFL Western Final next Sunday in Calgary against the Stampeders.

Eight things overheard after the game in the Eskimo locker room …

“First guy to score a touchdown in Calgary gets to ride the horse around McMahon Stadium bareback.”

“We’re in the dressing room now, coach. Can we do the Gatorade bucket thing now?”

“ I heard the real Battle of Alberta of Alberta was in the Wild Rose Party.”

“Can Fleetwood Mac play in Calgary this Saturday night? It worked pretty well last week,”

“Anyone else want to try playing quarterback?”

“Sing it again, Bryan Hall!”

“Who needs to score touchdowns when you have a field goal kicker who hasn’t shaved in eight years?”

“Last guy off the bus in Calgary buys burgers at Peter’s Drive-In.”Peters'Drive-In


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