Tait’s 8 — Nov. 24 – Goalies, Don Metz, dream homes and Mrs. Tait’s biscuits

Tea_biscuits02 (Large)•The Alberta Junior Hockey League connection with the Edmonton Oilers got stronger Monday morning with Dustin Schwartz being named goalie coach. Dustin was the goalie coach for the Spruce Grove Saints, the same club Oiler netminder Ben Scrivens. Dustin replaces Frederic Chabot.

• There will never be an obituary for Gordie Howe. Never. Because his kindness, sense of humour and incredible memory will be an example for us forever. With word of Mr. Howe’s declining health, some media outlets are preparing stories for his imminent death. And that’s fine. They won’t be obituaries. They will be tributes to a man who lived his life with incredible class and integrity, besides of being one of the best hockey players ever.

• Great news for Don Metz of Aquila Productions who left the University of Alberta Hospital with a clean bill of health. He’s at home, recovering, but knowing Don, he’ll be mapping out multiple projects at once.

• So, you know all those big dream homes you can win a lottery? You know the ones with 34 bedrooms, 18 bathrooms and eight garages? Well, not really. But they’re big. And tall. With lots of stairs. So here’s our question: what if you win one of these homes and you have a mobility impairment? Perhaps, more to the point: why aren’t dreams homes bungalows?

• Mrs. Tait made T-biscuits  Saturday afternoon. Funny thing — by Saturday night they were almost all gone.

• Just wondering. Bob Green had tremendous success with the expansion Edmonton Oil Kings and was the architect behind them winning a Memorial Cup. Given that success, should Green be part of the Edmonton Oiler brain thrust?

• And since we’re talking hockey … how many turnovers were there in a recent Oiler hockey game? Coming out of a commercial break Sportsnet Jim Hughson opened with: “Welcome back to the bakery?”

•Congratulations to EmployAbilities, who celebrated their 40th anniversary Friday at their Jasper Ave. offices. EmployAbilities has helped people with disabilities over the decades find employment in the Edmonton area. Well done!


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