Why does elder abuse happen? (The Monday blog)

Cam Tait

 The number is staggering when you look at it. And then when you realize what it represents, you well could shake your head and ask the age-old question: why?

Why were there 23,000 reported cases of abuse of elderly people in Alberta?

Twenty-three thousand people.  That’s almost the population of Leduc.

Why is this happening?

lady_senior_sad_opt1The story surfaced in Saturday’s Edmonton Sun from reporter Dave Lazzarino on Elder Abuse Awareness Day.

There should never be such a day, really. But, perhaps — and hopefully — it might encourage others who could very well be suffering in silence the chance to come forward and tell their story.

Elder abuse. Why does it happen?

Senior citizens were the doctors, nurses, teachers, engineers, planners, school bus drivers and people who did every other job to help build the communities we live in. They have paved the way for future generations in our city, province and…

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